Fall Softball 2024 Season
Registration opens on 7/2! Register for 2024 fall softball at the link below once registration opens. Additional information about the season is listed in our About section. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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2024 Playoff Results

6U Results

1st place- Thunder
2nd place- Wildcats
1st place- Aces
2nd place- Oilers
1st place- Panthers
2nd place- Landsharks

7U Results

1st place- Comets
2nd place- Sliders
Finalists: Landsharks & Hurricanes
1st place- Crush
2nd place- Angels

8U Results

1st place- Lightning
2nd place- Firecrackers
1st place- Oilers
2nd place- Hurricanes

10U NL Results

1st place- Cobras
2nd place- Crush
1st place- Dragons
2nd place- Landsharks

10U AL Results

1st place- Mambas
2nd place- Smoke

12U Results

1st place- Storm
2nd place- Lightning

What's New at SBMSA Softball for the 2023 Spring League?

SBMSA softball hosts over 1,000 girls every year between league season, Summer Sizzle, All-Star, and Elite programs. 

We are using a new layout for the league age divisions for many of the younger age divisions this 2023 Spring season.  

We will offer the following league divisions:

6U Division

For the five and six-year-old players.  (Four-year-olds will be considered on a case-by-case basis determined by the 6U age level commissioner.)

7U Division

Solely for seven-year-olds. This will lower the number of teams per division and allow games to run using modified game rules that focus more specifically on improving 7U specific skills.

8U Division

Will be for solely eight-year-olds.  This will be a more advanced level of game play where players will even experience some kid-pitching.

10U Division

For nine and ten-year-olds and will be divided into an American League and a National League (to be determined through the player skills assessment in January).

  • The National League game play will be more recreationally competitive (machine-pitch mixed into game play) to foster the development of a larger group of well-rounded hitters and fielders, who will be more likely to experience a really fun Spring season and ultimately more likely to want to continue next season as an American Leaguer.
  • This year’s 10U American League players will be playing a more complete game, much like they experience when they age up to the 12U division.

12U Division

Still for eleven and twelve-year-olds, and will operate much like it did in previous seasons.

14U Division

Still for those that are thirteen and fourteen years of age. 

At each level players will learn and apply new softball concepts. We will play at the Guthrie Center for 6U and 8U, and Spring Branch Elementary for 8U through 14U. 

If you would like to play softball this spring, we would love to have you come out and play.




10:30-11:40am: Last Names A-C

11:30-12:30pm Last Names A-F

11:40-12:50pm: Last Names D-G

12:30-1:30pm Last Names G-J

12:50-2:00pm: Last Names H-K

1:30-2:30pm Last Names K-O

2:30-3:40pm: Last Names L-M

2:30-4:30pm Last Names P-Z

3:40-4:50pm: Last Names N-Si

4:15-5:30pm Pitchers & Catchers

4:50-6:00pm: Last Names Sk-Z

6:00-7:00pm: Pitcher & Catchers; Coaches' Kids

SBMSA Softball in the News

Who We Are

About SBMSA Softball

SBMSA Softball was started in 1963 and provides a fun and competitive softball program for girls ages 5 through 15. In association with the Amatuer Softball Association, SBMSA Softball provides recreational and competitive opportunities for girls in fast pitch softball. Whether your player views softball as a new sport to learn, as a way to have fun with friends, or as a path to the Olympics, the SBMSA youth program has something for them. Foremost, the goal of the SBMSA softball program is to help aspiring young softball athletes learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime in a positive, safe, and supportive environment.

We play on three lighted softball fields on the campus of the Spring Branch Elementary School (1700 Campbell Road) as well as other local softball complexes.

At the end of the year, all teams participate in play-offs to crown our league champion. This is always a fun and exciting time for both the girls and the parents.

Youth Divisions
SBMSA Alumni in College Softball

SBMSA has provided our local girls training through the baseball and softball programs for over 50 years, and naturally you would assume that some of those ladies played college ball. Here is a list of a few who we know.

Houston Heat Program

A number of Sports Association all-star tournament teams are formed under the name “Houston Heat” and participate in invitational, regional and Amateur Softball Association national tournaments.

Heat Elite Program

SBMSA Softball’s Select Team

Summer Sizzle

Our summer program that is geared for players aged 6 through 14 years old. This is a developmental division designed to be a continuation of the season for the players and an opportunity to further develop skillsets while preparing for next seasons game experience.  Summer Sizzle is separate from our Heat program as this is not a tournament team.

Fall Softball

This program is designed to be a fun, but competitive, space for the girls to get additional game experience during the fall.  The goal is to create a program that will allow the players to prepare for the spring season with certain modified rules.  We understand many girls participate in multiple sports. One of the main designs is to avoid conflicting with other SBMSA sport schedules.  We are working closely with our counterparts in soccer – and other potential conflicting sports – to create a schedule that will allow you to participate, while still honoring other SBMSA commitments.  Games will be limited to a non-conflicting night and once per week.  

Our fall teams will be set based on age and level playing during the 2025 spring softball season.  We will be registering ages 6 through 9 years old as of 1/1/2024.  Players will be assigned to teams, with team formation typically following school attendance zones, to the extent possible.  Team divisions will include 8U and 10U.  Any player who wants to participate can do so by registering on the website. 

Softball Seasons & Leagues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SBMSA is first and foremost a recreational softball league for young ladies to be active outside and enjoy learning and playing softball. On the whole, we embrace healthy competition and the great life lessons that it teaches. We also provide our more competitive all-star tournament players access to high performance teams to excel and work toward high school and potentially college softball.

Practices are usually 1-2 times a week, and there is usually 1-2 games per week. Some coaches choose to practice at their local elementary school field for convenience, but others choose to practice at the game fields at Spring Branch Elementary. Once your player is assigned to a team, the specific dates of practices and games will be set.

For 2025, registration opens on December 1st. Registration closes on Friday, January 10th.

For the 2024 season, player registration is $300. The most updated registration information will always be on our registration page, so please check there to confirm.

Please note: Financial assistance is available for those who need it.

Our cutoff is at the end of each calendar year.

You will need to provide your daughter a softball glove and a helmet. Many players and coaches already have bats can be borrowed during the skills assessment. We suggest you use another player’s and coach’s bats first so that you can determine the right bat size for your daughter and whether to buy to borrow.

At SBMSA Softball, our League registrants attend a skills assessment similar to “tryouts”, with the exception that we do not cut players.

The younger ages, 6U and 8U, do not have skills evaluations. Those division’s teams are formed primarily by elementary school with parents taking the lead to coordinate and assemble teams. The teams will have players from more than one grade level and the parents will to work together with the age level commissioner to achieve a fair distribution. Some schools that may not have enough players to form a team and will combine their players with another school with the assistance of the age level commissioner.

The 10U, 12U and 14U divisions do attend a skills assessment. The actual date will be listed in the season calendar and the exact time via email. All skill levels are welcome. We often have 2 or 3 new first time players on each team even in our oldest age group.

All exact skills assessment times will be determined and sent via email. We will also update our Season Calendar as we can.

The 6U and 8U teams will be contacted by their coaches a day or so after registration closes. The 10U and 12U teams will be contacted immediately after the draft night. The 14U teams will be contacted by their coaches a day or two after the 14U skills evaluations.

All late registrants are placed on a wait list and only added to team if room permits.

You may request a refund up to the day regular registration closes, but there will be a $35 administrative fee. After registration closes (check the registration page for the most recent closing date) there will be no refunds.

Practices will begin no earlier than team formation for all age divisions is complete. Coaches will provide their players information on the times and dates for practices. The specific date that practices can begin should be found on the Season Calendar.

We welcome parent volunteers. All volunteers on the field or in the dugout must apply here to volunteer on the SBMSA website before being permitted to be in the dugout area. When registering, you can volunteer to manage a team, coach, be a team mom, etc.

SBMSA Softball Divisions

Softball Division Details

** We allow children with birthdays after the December 31 cutoff to ‘play-up’ with their grade level.  This is processed during registration.  We do not allow children to ‘play-down’.

6U Division

Our five and six-year-olds play 6U which includes a combination of "coach-pitch" and t-ball. There are no strike outs in 6U to encourage players to hit a pitched ball. This is an introduction to the game, and we would like for it to be fun and instructional for all. All teams are formed by school or geographic area.
Practices are once or twice a week and usually 1 game per week.

7U Division

Our new division is solely for seven-year-olds. This will lower the number of teams per division and allow games to run using modified game rules that focus more specifically on improving 7U specific skills. All teams are formed by school or geographic area.

8U Division

Our eight-year-olds play 8U which is mainly "coach-pitch". We would like to see players advance to a point where they can consistently hit, throw and catch as well as learn the basic concepts of the game. All teams are formed by school or geographic area. Practices are usually twice a week, and there will be the introduction of kid-pitch also.

10U Division

The 10U program is made up of nine and ten-year-olds divided into an American League and a National League (to be determined through the skills assessment in January). In 10U, AL "kid-pitch" is occurs in every inning. In the NL division, coaches will incorporate machine-pitch in every inning but the first. We encourage girls to learn to pitch as well as how to hit off of "kid-pitching". At 10U, all girls who attend the skills assessment will be drafted to teams by our coaches.

12U Division

The 12U program is made up of eleven and twelve-year-old girls. 12U goes by ASA rules and teams are drafted after the girls' skills assessment.

14U Division

Our older girls consisting of thirteen, fourteen and fifteen-year-olds are assigned to 14U teams and generally co-op with area softball and sports associations. There will be some travel involved as games will be played around the central and West Houston area.

NO-REFUNDS will be issued for any reason after registration closes. If requested before the close of registration, you will receive a refund, less a $35 administration fee.


Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association

2024 Softball Season Calendar


December 4th


Registration Opens

Online - Visit Here

December 9th

9-11 am

In-person Registration

Academy Sports & Outdoors - Bunker Hill

December 13th

6-8 pm

In-person Registration

Academy Sports & Outdoors - Bunker Hill

January 17th


Registration Closes


January 28th


Player Skill Assessments for 10U American League (AL)

Spring Branch Elementary (SBE)

January 31st


Team Formation for 10U AL


February 4th


Player Skill Assessments for 10U National League (NL) & Sr. League

Spring Branch Elementary (SBE)

February 8th


Team Formation for 10U NL & Sr. League


February 11th


All Coaches Meetings

Spring Branch Elementary (SBE)

February 11th

12pm - 4pm

  • Players Clinic (All Ages):
  • Pitchers and Catchers, SBE3: 12 - 2PM  
  • Fielding, SBE2: 2 – 4PM 
  • Hitting, SBE3: 1 – 3PM  

Spring Branch Elementary (SBE)

February 12th


Practices Begin

Guthrie and SBE

March 2nd


Opening Day

Guthrie and SBE

March 3rd-March 7th


Pre-Season Games (do not count)

Guthrie and SBE

March 9th-17th


SBISD Spring Break (no games)


March 17th


Regular Season Starts

Guthrie and SBE

May 9-15


Playoffs - Tournament Style


May 20


All Stars and Most Improved Player Posted






July 2nd


Fall Softball Registration Opens


August 18th


Fall Softball Registration Closes


August 23rd


Teams Form

August 25th


Practices Begin

September 7th

Games Start

October 26th

Games Conclude

Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association

Softball Board of Directors

Meet the Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association Softball board of directors.

Board Officer

Jeff Treadway

Program Director

Paul Edmonds

Assitant Program Director

Natalie Warren

Secretary & Treasurer

Travis Gault

Registration and Scheduling

Andy Meade

Heat and Heat Elite Programs

Travis Gault

Summer Sizzle & Fall Softball Director

Andy Meade


Jay Mischon


Ellen Winstead


Brad Ryan

At Large

Layne Jones

At Large

Travis Denson

At Large

Softball Alumni in College

Texas A&M Commerce

Ms. Serina Aguilar (SWHS) –Texas A&M Commerce – NCAA DII

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Ms. Denise Atmar (NHS) – UNC Charlotte – NCAA DI

Ms. Ashlyn Bell (SHS) – Ranger College – NJCAA DI

Galveston College

Ms. Anabelle Bellow (SWHS) – Galveston College – JUCO DI

University of Texas - Dallas

Ms. Elizabeth Brann (SHS) – University of Texas at Dallas – NCAA DIII

University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Jennifer Brann (SHS) (Pitcher) – University of Pennsylvania – NCAA DI

George Washington University

Ms. Bradleigh Breland (MHS) – George Washington University – NCAA DI

Austin College

Ms. Suzanne Beltran (MHS) – Austin College – NCAA DIII

University of Houston Victoria

Ms. Samantha Campagna (SHS) – University of Houston Victoria – NAIA

Ms. Erica Casias (SWHS) (Pitcher) – Schreiner University – NCAA DIII

Southern Arkansas University

Ms. Brittany Chaney (MHS) – Southern Arkansas University – NCAA DII


Ms. Brittany Chaney (MHS) – St. Edwards University – NCAA DII

Rochester University

Ms. Nicole Chiles (2005) – Rochester University – NCAA DIII

Louisiana State University

Ms. Georgia Clark (SHS) – Louisiana State University – NCAA DI

Baylor University

Ms. Alex Colyer (SHS) – Baylor University – NCAA DI

St Marys University

Ms. Sarah Cooper (MHS) – St. Mary’s University – NCAA DII

Ms. Lauren Coerver (MHS) – University of Texas San Antonio – NCAA DI

Caldwell University

Ms. Sydney Day (SHS) – Caldwell University –

Mississippi State University

Ms. Saleyna Daniels (SHS) – Mississippi State – NCAA DI 

Southwestern University

Ms. Kathryn Dull (MHS) – Southwestern University – NCAA DIII

Auburn University

Ms. Brianna Ellis (MHS) – Auburn University –

Concordia University

Ms. Miranda Essing (SWHS) (Catcher) – Concordia University – NCAA DIII

University of Texas - Dallas

Ms. Blaire Evans (MHS) (Pitcher) – University of Texas at Dallas – NCAA DIII

East Texas Baptist University

Ms. Megan Gardner (SHS) – East Texas Baptist University – NCAA DIII

Drexel University

Ms. Mia Garza (MHS) (Infield/Outfield) – Drexel University – NCAA DI

University of Houston Victoria

Ms. Griffin Gilbert (MHS) – University of Houston Victoria – NAIA

Alvin Community College

Ms. Michelle Habernal (SWHS) – Alvin Community College – JUCO DI


Ms. Sarah Heckler (MHS) (Pitcher) – St. Edwards University – NCAA DII

Ms. Mara Heidemann (SWHS) (Pitcher) – Blinn College –

Southern Arkansas University

Ms. Rachel Heidemann (SWHS) – Southern Arkansas – NCAA DII

University of North Texas

Ms. Kristen Hensley – University of North Texas – NCAA DI

Centenary College

Ms. Robin Hill (SWHS) – Centenary College – NCAA DIII

Texas Lutheran University

Ms. Heather Hummel (SHS) – Texas Lutheran University – NCAA DIII

Centenary College

Ms. Jessica Ivins (SHS) – Centenary College – NCAA DIII

University of Mary Hardin Baylor

Ms. Erin Jackson (SHS) – University of Mary Hardin Baylor – NCAA DIII

Ms. Haylie Jaime (Heights) (Pitcher) – Trinity Valley – NJCAA DI

Abilene Christian University

Ms. Kayla Keeling (MHS) (Catcher) –Abilene Christian University – NCAA DI

Sam Houston State University

Ms. Jeannie Kieval (MHS) – Sam Houston State – NCAA D1

Providence College

Ms. Sarah Kitterman (SHS) – Providence College – NCAA DI 

Amhert University

Ms. Kate Kopatic (SHS) – Amherst College – NCAA DIII

Ms. Angelina Kulbeth (Westside) – McMurry University – NCAA DIII

University of Southern Mississippi

Ms. Leslie LeJune (MHS) – University of Southern Mississippi – NCAA DI

Central Connecticut State

Ms. Sarah Mardis (SHS) – Central Connecticut State – NCAA DI

Ms. Yadira Martinez (NBHS) – Hill College – NAIA

Sam Houston State University

Ms. Stephanie Mosley (SHS) – Sam Houston State University – NCAA DI

St Marys University

Ms. Mary Kay Peterson – St. Mary’s University – NCAA DII

George Washington University

Ms. Ashley Pilcher (MHS) (Pitcher) – George Washington University – NCAA DI

Sam Houston State University

Ms. Casey Sax (MHS) (Outfield) – Sam Houston State University – NCAA DI

West Texas A&M University

Ms. Meghan Slattery (MHS) – West Texas A&M University – NCAA DII

Louisiana Lafayette

Ms. Macey Smith (SHS) – Louisiana Lafayette – NCAA DI

Texas Tech University

Ms. Lacie Stevenson (SHS) – Texas Tech University – NCAA DI

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Ms. Bree Thompson Drury (SWHS) (Pitcher) – NAIA
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Fresno State

Ms. Janna Todd (SWHS) (Catcher / DP) – Fresno State – NCAA DI
WC World Series Champions 1998

University of Texas - Dallas

Ms. Megan Todd (SWHS) (Catcher, Infield) – University of Texas at Dallas – NCAA DIII

Alvin Community College

Ms. Diana Vega (SWHS) – Alvin Community College – JUCO DI

University of Houston

Ms. Laurie Wagner (SHS) – University of Houston – NCAA DI

Oklahoma Panhandle State

Ms. Lillian Ward (SWHS) – Oklahoma Panhandle State – NCAA DII

Trinity University

Ms. Riley Warnica (HCHS) – Trinity University – NCAA DIII

Trinity University

Ms. Kristin Weber (SHS) – Trinity University – NCAA DIII

Trinity University

Ms. Quincy Basarowich (MHS) – Trinity University – NCAA DIII

University of Texas - Dallas

Ms. Megan Zatopek (SHS) (Outfield) – University of Texas at Dallas – NCAA DIII

Softball Archive

Former All-Stars

2023 - Present

Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association

Former Board Members

See our previous softball board members below. Click the link provided to see the board and their positions for each year.