Our Mission

To provide Spring Branch-Memorial community youth with facilities and the opportunity to grow in character through sports in a safe, positive and competitive environment.

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Our History

Spring 1960

A few fathers started a 6 team baseball league of 11 and 12 year olds.

The purpose was to start a program not affiliated with any national organization in order to not have to conform to national rules. The group wanted from the beginning to be able to tailor the program and modify the rules to meet the needs of the youngsters in Spring Branch.


Spring Branch

May 1961

SBMSA Was Founded

The organization filed for charter with the State of Texas, thus beginning the Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association. A board of directors was elected with S.L. Hidemann as President, A.W. Zajcek as Vice President, C.E. Frost as Secretary and Foster Moore Treasurer. Other directors were J.C. Trotter, Bill Poarch, Pete Phillips, Bill Manning, John Holloway and Irvin Andrews.

May 1, 1961

Spring Branch-Memorial


SBMSA Softball Began

The Girls’ Softball program was inaugurated and Mrs. Gladys Chaney was the first commissioner of the girls’ program.



Baseball Expansion

Younger age groups were added to the boys’ baseball program in 1964. At that time, within the youngest age group, there was a group that preferred to play tee ball and a group that wished to play regular baseball. Since there were no national rules to conform to, the Association was able to provide for both.



Baseball Expansion- American and National Leagues

SBMSA developed enough participants to divide into two levels of play designated as American and National Leagues. The purpose of this was to group boys according to ability and give more of them an opportunity to compete at their own level. At this time the program had grown to 200 teams necessitating a division into five different geographical areas. Playing fields were located on private property donated by Pacific Valve, Capital Steel and Wyatt Industries, with a fourth complex added at Swipe Industries in 1968 until moving to SBISD property in the late 1960s.



SBMSA Football Began

The football program was added as a fall sport.



PONY adopts SBMSA Baseball rule variations nationally.

After experimenting with different size fields and rule variations, a group of 11-12 year old boys demonstrated a game under our rules at the Boys’ Baseball Division World Series held in Kingsville in 1967. As a result of this, the rules including 70 foot base paths, a 48 foot pitching distance and allowable lead-offs and steals were adopted by this national organization in 1968 for all their leagues. This organization, now changed to PONY (Protect Our Nation’s Youth), also uses the SBMSA’s principle of changing the sizes of the playing fields in both baseball and softball to adjust to the physical potential and limitations of participants, leaving the rules of the game alone as much as possible. The SBMSA baseball program has five different sizes of playing field and pitching distances, each changing every two years with the growth of the players.



Baseball acquires Senior Divisions

Beginning in 1968, the baseball program acquired Pony and Colt franchises (ages 13-16) to begin the Senior Baseball program. This included the existing lighted Pony Field at Spring Branch High School and an agreement with the school district to use existing high school fields.



New Facilities across SBISD

In 1969, two Junior Baseball lighted fields were constructed at Spring Forest Junior High followed in 1972 by fields at Memorial Junior High, Spring Woods Junior High and Spring Branch Elementary (Softball). In 1973, the Landrum Junior High complex (since deactivated) was built, a second complex added at Memorial Junior High, and a single field added at Spring Forest Junior High. These new game facilities built on school sites were for replacement of fields lost from private property as well as to accommodate the rapid growth of the entire program. Two additional softball fields were built at Spring Branch Elementary in 1975 with the fifth added in 1976 to complete new lighted field construction insofar as Sports Association programs are concerned. The Association has also erected about thirty practice backstops on school property.



SBMSA Soccer Began

A soccer program was added to the Association. This program was very popular and it has since grown rapidly.


Fall 1990

SBMSA Basketball Began

A basketball program was added using the school district gymnasiums for playing facilities. 38 boys’ teams competed this first year with a girls’ program added in 1991.


SBMSA Girls Lacrosse Began


SBMSA Boys Lacrosse Began


Our Board of Directors



Billy Newhouse

Immediate Past President

Michael Monk

Vice President

Jeff Collins


Joe Jett


John Denson

Field and Maintenance Director

Blake Kirshman

Sportsmanship Director

Damon Thames

Member at Large

Keith Stubbs

Member at Large

Bill Koehler

Member at Large


Program Director - Football

Chris Thompson

Program Director - Soccer

Tim Brendel

Program Director - Basketball

Nancy Scales

Program Director - Softball

Jay Mischon

Program Director - Baseball

Brian Caddell

Program Director - Girls Lacrosse

James Mahan

Program Director - Boys Lacrosse

Jeff Donaldson

SBMSA Administrators


General Manager

Caroline H Bennett


Ryan Flores